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Bymeyster Valentina Ivanovna is the Head of Department, Doctor of Biologic Science, Professor.

The department offers a student’s degree program with the specialization: specialty 8.222 - "Medicine", 8.228 - "Pediatrics", 221 - "Stomatology".

It has such attainment levels as specialist, internship doctor, postgraduate student, Ph.D. candidate.

The department provides courses for the following groups:

Students of 1-3 years of studying take courses of Human Anatomy, Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery;

Internship doctors with specialization “Surgery” and “Obstetrics and Gynecology”;

Postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates with specialization “General Anatomy” (14.03.01.).

The Human Anatomy Department has 3 Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 2 Teaching Assistants, 1 Senior Lecturer, 6 Postgraduate Students, 1 senior laboratory assistant, 3 laboratory assistants, and 1 leading specialist.


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