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The department of human anatomy, histology, cytology, topographical anatomy and surgery was one of the first in the Medical Faculty of the Sumy Physico-Technical Institute created in  May of 1992. The first head of the department was a representative of the Kiev Anatomy School, student of a leading morphologist of Ukraine Bobrik I.I.-Shevchenko A.A., Doctor of Medical Science. She began the education process at the department in collaboration with  Dr.Binda T.P., Candidate of Medical Science.,Dr.Syharev A.V., Candidate of Medical Science., Dr.Volkov S.V., and Dr.Petrenko V.P. (taught anatomy),  Dr.Mardar G.I., Candidate of Medical Science., Dr.Krypskaya S.I., and Dr.Beluh T.P. (taught histology, cytology, and embryology). In November of 1992 an anatomist Dr.Ustyanskiy O.A., Docent., Candidate of Medical Science joined the department and in March of 1993 a histologist Vasko L.V., Candidate of Biological Science. Since September of 1993 physicians Sylim L.G and Bolotnaya I.V. have been working  as instructors at the department. In March of 1994 professor Sikora V.Z. and docent Il'in V.E. joined the crew of instructors at the department. In March 21 of 1994 professor Sikora V.Z. became a head of the department, and decent Il'in V.E. took a lead of the operative surgery and topographical anatomy course. Kiptenko L.I. and  Kavare V.I. started working at the department in 1994. After finishing post-graduate studies Dr.Tkach G.F (2003), Korenkov O.V. (2011), and Pruhodko O.A. (2011) became members of the department of human anatomy. The following instructors worked at the department in different times: Shvachko V.I. (1994-1996), Pak V.Y. (1994-1998), Pavlicheva S.V. (1996-1998), Pogorelova O.S. (2005-2009) and Dr.Pogorelov M.V. (2005-2012).

Students of I-III years of the Medical Faculty who study at the department explore two main disciplines: human anatomy (I-III semesters) and topographical anatomy with operative surgery (IV-V semesters).The education base of the department allows to teach the students at the most up-to-date level. 


The computer class of the department has 15 modern computers. The lection auditory has a multimedia projector. The section halls and teaching rooms have modern stands, plasma screens, and displays of dry education anatomical samples.  

More than 300 original anatomical hand made samples are displayed in the anatomical museum. 

The surgery block has a modern equipment, which allows to conduct surgical interventions in experimental animals. 

The Ukrainian Olympiad of topographical anatomy and operative surgery was held at the base of the department for three consecutive years from 2002 to 2004. At the Olympiad, the students of our Faculty three times took the first place. Since 1997 till 2006 the students of the department of human anatomy participated in all Ukrainian Olympiads of anatomy where they every year took first, second, and third places. The education process includes computer programs, situational exercises, " games", preparation of wet anatomical samples, and surgical interventions in animals. Since 2005 the study at the department has been done in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna's process. Education programs and discipline curriculum have been adapted to these requirements. In the period of existence, the department published 8 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Health Safety of Ukraine. The head of the department is a co-author of " Ukrainian International Standard of the Anatomical Nomenclature", set of modern textbooks, and manuals of human anatomy. 96 items of the education-methodical literature have been written, and more than 100 education stands have been created. 

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