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Final competition of drawings and presentations on anatomical and histological topics from the student's scientific circle of the Department of Morphology


  On December 20th, the final competition of drawings and presentations on anatomical or histological subjects from the Student Scientific Group (Circle) (SSG) of the Department of Morphology took place.

  27 persons attended the competition from the most active students of the SSG. But in the final there were several works, the authors of which submitted their works to all be presented.

   Prize places among drawings:

  • 1st place – Balaban Julia, LS-603, "Body is a means of expressing views and beliefs";
  • 2nd place – Zaets Alexander, Mm-704, "Truth";
  • 3rd place – Kolnoguz Alyona "Fetal blood flow".


   Among the presentations, the prize places were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place – Ekpe Onyinyechi Peace Ibitoru, Akanni Samuel Oluwakayode, LS-621, «Limbic system»; 
  • 2nd place – Xaba Sibongumusa, LS-623,Onyona Jachi Doris LS-622 «Heart»; 
  • 3rd place  Goncharova Ksenia, Kharchenko Anastasia, LS-601, «Methods of luminescent microscopy in histology»; 
  • 4th place – Edeyokun Omodara, LS-622, Eboson SandraLS-625«Glossopharyngeal nerve». 

   Also, the work of Degtyaryova Anastasia, LC-616, "The cardiovascular and nervous system of man", which was evaluated outside the competition, took first place. You can see it in the small hall of the department of anatomy.


   All participants of the competition will receive additional points for the current student's progress in relevant disciplines: human anatomy / histology.


   Thank you for your participation and your activity and we invite everyone to take part in the next drawing competition from the Student Scientific Group (Circle) of the Department of Morphology!